With an affinity for the sea and surfing, nature and its wildlife, I aim to live an ecologically sustainable lifestyle that supports health, wellbeing, and caring for the environment. Spending a lot of time in the surf and at the beach I realised there was a distinct lack of good quality, locally made, chemical-free face zincs available. Here I was, a nature lover who adored the ocean and surfing, but using products that were full of harmful ingredients. It just felt so wrong.

 With this in mind, and utilising my knowledge from a background in aromatherapy and natural health, the journey began. Over time the formula was researched and developed and tested, keeping close to my heart the ethics of caring for the environment. It was fantastic to have handcrafted an all natural zinc. It worked incredibly well in the surf, and there was always some left on my face after a surf session. It wasn't long before friends were keen for the same experience in the surf, so more zinc was made. It was clear - surfers really wanted a more natural alternative, one that would not be harmful to us or the ocean. I also knew that this natural zinc would not only benefit surfers, but also regular beachgoers, sailors, kayakers, swimmers- pretty much all water sports and all outdoorsy people. It would also be a great natural and safe alternative for children and babies. It was exciting to be able to provide surfers, families and all sea and outdoor sun lovers with a completely natural product, and so..SEAZINC was born!

SEAZINC has only high quality natural and organic ingredients, and sourced locally where possible.  


Many of these harmful ingredients are readily found in conventional zincs and research has shown links to cancer though their disruption to oestrogen. They can also cause skin dryness, allergies and stinging. Studies have also proven that many of these ingredients are extremely toxic to marine life and kill coral reefs.

SEAZINC has NO chemical UV absorbers or synthetic ingredients whatsoever. What it DOES have, is the naturally occurring mineral NON-NANO ZINC OXIDE, which forms a physical barrier that reflects both UVA and UVB rays without penetrating the surface of the skin.  Non- nano  particle zinc oxide is not harmful to marine life and is soothing to the skin. Added to this is ORGANIC COCONUT OIL, ORGANIC LOCALLY SOURCED BEESWAX, ORGANIC COCOA BUTTER, ORGANIC APRICOT KERNEL OIL, as well as other yummy and natural ingredients that beautifully hydrate and heal the skin. Your skin will actually be better off for using it! Sun protection AND skin healing too- the perfect combination!

SEAZINC, 100% natural and made with care and love by the sea in South Australia.

* For a complete list of ingredients and directions for use please see the Product Information page.

≈ Happy Surfing! ≈

love Francesca and the team at SeaZinc