SeaZinc 100% natural After-sun Body Oil

Image of SeaZinc 100% natural After-sun Body Oil

SeaZinc's 100% natural all over Body Oil is especially formulated for after- exposure to the sun. Easily absorbed without being greasy, this moisturising organic Macadamia nut oil , Coconut and organic Jojoba oil blend is infused with extract of Aloe to help sooth sunburn and inflamed skin. Vitamin E with its anti-oxidants aid rejuvenation and essential oils of Chamomile, Lavender and Geranium help to calm and heal the skin after long days at the beach in the sun and surf. Can be used after shower or bath or apply thoughout the day. Also ideal as a natural massage oil and perfect as an everyday moisturiser.
Comes in a 150ml fully recyclable aluminium bottle. Not tested on animals.

* Hot tip #1 - a little on a cloth will wipe off zinc from face after use.

* Hot tip #2 - store in the refrigerator and enjoy applying it cold to cool down sun affected skin.

Ingredients : Coconut oil; organic Macadamia Nut oil*; Jojoba oil*; Soya bean oil; Aloe extract, Vitamin E; Chamomile essential oil; Lavender essential oil, Geranium essential oil.

*certified organic