SEAZINC is a 100% natural face zinc designed and handcrafted for surfers. However, anyone who wants an all natural long lasting sun protection for the face can also benefit. Sailors, kayakers, snorkelers, swimmers, beach lovers... the list goes on! It is safe for children and great for families who want a more natural alternative in sun protection. 

Only the highest quality organic ingredients are sourced to go into making SeaZinc. 


* Certified Organic

**As delicious as it smells  and as natural as it is, SEAZINC is not intended to be eaten. It is for external use only. Yes it smells like you could eat, but eating beeswax might not be very digestible and you could end up with a tummy ache. Just enjoy the aromas!

Apply SEAZINC to areas on the face you want protection, spreading an even coverage using your fingers. Two thin coats or one thick coat will suffice. Re-apply every 2-3 hours or as needed if it is rubbed off. It will continue to work while it is on your skin. As it is a physical barrier if you can see it on your face it means it is still doing its job.

If you have very sensitive skin or are prone to allergic reactions please do a small test patch first on you hand before applying to face.


100% natural Lip Balm handcrafted in Australia. Enriched with pure Shea Butter and organic Virgin Coconut oil and flavoured with natural honey, essential oil of Sweet Orange and Tahitian vanilla. Contains a small amount of Zinc Oxide to provide a light U.V shield for every day wear on the lips.*** Comes in a 15g recyclable aluminium tin. Not tested on animals. Protect and keep your lips kissable!


*certified organic 

**locally sourced 

*** For more extreme sun shielding in the surf use SeaZinc original.